Marina A. Torres

WOC in Politics

As a federal prosecutor and first-generation Latina who worked for President Obama, Marina Torres represents the American Dream -- and she is currently running to be the next City Attorney for Los Angeles. Growing up with incarcerated family members, her personal and professional experiences have given her a greater understanding of the justice system and the important role it plays in serving the people in our community. She understands the importance of providing access and opportunities to working class communities and how the government, when working for the people, can change lives. Marina's experiences have shaped her values -- of justice, of fairness, and on fighting for what's right. And those are the values that she brings to her campaign. Ms. Torres received her law degree from Stanford Law School, where she was on the executive board of the Stanford Law Review, and her BA from the University of California at Berkeley, where she graduated with distinction.

9:30 - 10:45 AM PST

March 20th Day 1

WOC in Politics Panel

Despite diverse demographics, most politicians are still white men. Women of color make up 19% of the US population, yet they constitute only 4.5% of Congress. The absence of representation creates a lack of attention and advocacy for the issues important to underserved communities, which is why women of color need to be at the decision-making table. Their voices and experiences are necessary at every level of our political system because their participation is essential to creating a just, inclusive, and thriving society.