Eva Noblezada

WOC in Performing Arts
Hi there! My name is Eva Noblezada. I am a 2x Tony Nominated Actress and Grammy Winner. I have performed on dozens of stages all over the world and started my professional career when I was seventeen years old. Despite the resume I’ve written, I’ve realized that my life’s mission isn’t to be a Broadway Star: But to embark on a journey of self discovery and affirmation through conversations and experiences that Life so freely gives. Experiences with people. Through art; spoken, performed, visual or musical. Experience through mistakes I’ve made. Experiences through human connection. And as a young woman of color I feel desperately passionate to strengthen my energy field by surrounding myself with women just like me. Women who share dreams and aspirations and support. Women who aren’t afraid to feel deeply, love fiercely and speak loudly. I want to inspire others (and continue to learn how I can inspire myself) by my Podcast, ‘The Amarillo Podcast’ and also by performing! We all deserve to live our lives knowing that WE are the true constant.
11:00 - 12:15 AM PST

March 21st Day 2

WOC in Performing Arts

The music industry has drastically evolved over the past few decades, from how music is made and released to how aspects of publicity and promotion. Since the music industry continues to predominantly reward white men, it is important to take a look at what women of color musicians have done to make their marks. Whether that be in production, performance, promotion, or tour management, we’ll be exploring the different avenues in which these women have taken to pave their way through the industry.