Domonique Cynthia

WOC in Activism

Domonique Cynthia is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. As a woman of color in a historically white university, she found a passion for using her creativity, videography and editing skills to help showcase diversity across universities, especially within the Ivy League. Her goal is to encourage people of color to see themselves in institutions where they have traditionally been underrepresented. Domonique ensures that the doors that were opened for her are left open even wider for those who will come next. Her YouTube Channel has now accumulated approximately 74k subscribers! Domonique is excited to continue educating and mentoring the youth but also looks forward to bringing new entertainment focused show series to her platform as well as she explores her new found love for directing and producing.

1:00 - 2:15 PM

March 21st Day 2

WOC in Media

With social media in all forms having the innate ability to reach millions of users across the globe, it is imperative that the term ‘influencer’ is more frequently applied to women of color. Diversity in the influencer industry conveys that women of color have a voice, that they represent beauty and intelligence and talent and power.


In which, a young Black girl scrolling through her phone can see a sponsored Instagram post of 4C hair products, where a South Asian teen can watch a TikToker gain popularity by displaying her cultural garb, dishes, and traditions, where any girl, regardless of if they conform to Eurocentric beauty standards, can feel represented and seen.