Amelia Inman

WOC in Politics

Amelia Inman is not only a chain-breaker, community-engager, but a history- maker. Amelia Inman at the age of 26 became the Youngest Black City Council member in the State of Georgia. She currently serves as Councilwomen for the great City of Lithonia, Georgia! After graduating Cum Laude from Valdosta State University she began her career in real estate as an agent and then advanced as a Real Estate Broker opening a firm, Inman Realty. In her second year on City Council she started a nonprofit organization, AI Inc, which purpose is to raise scholarship funds and mentorship for senior students in high school. She also is the founder of the Lithonia Roundtable, which is a collaborative discussion and team building initiative to engage progression in the business community. She aspires to run for Senate in the near future. When I think of a servant leader I think Amelia Inman- humanitarian, model for her peers, and supporter of her community.

9:30 - 10:45 AM PST

March 20th Day 1

WOC in Politics Panel

Despite diverse demographics, most politicians are still white men. Women of color make up 19% of the US population, yet they constitute only 4.5% of Congress. The absence of representation creates a lack of attention and advocacy for the issues important to underserved communities, which is why women of color need to be at the decision-making table. Their voices and experiences are necessary at every level of our political system because their participation is essential to creating a just, inclusive, and thriving society.