We are a group of Asian youths striving to uplift marginalized communities through education, activism, and celebration.


5000+ students fighting for productive dialogue on race among our student bodies, with core values surrounding educational equity and community.


A youth-led organization and media platform dedicated to empower the activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and changemakers of Generation Z. 


Afro Puff Chronicles is a platform empowering women of color to share their experiences through art and writing. 


We are dedicated to building youth power in marginalized communities throughout the nation and encourage legislative advocacy to prevent gun violence, while shifting public discourse towards an evidentiary approach to keeping schools and communities safe. In concentrating our efforts on historically oppressed communities and leading with Black and Brown Youth most impacted by the public health crisis — we strive to holistically foster safety and justice.

Naomi and Natalie (pronouns she/her), are anti- racist activists and writers based in the UK. They run a successful instagram page @everydayracism_ as-well as being highly sort out professional speakers and anti- racism educators. Naomi and Natalie are sister both of Black Jamaican and White British heritage.

Overachiever Magazine is a digital media outlet here to give a voice and platform to all Asian women and nonbinary people. Our issues are published on our website twice a month—each created by a different set of contributors from all over the world—and feature news, pop culture, and our contributors’ work on our social media channels. We aim to give accurate representation and tackle the issues facing Asian women and nonbinary people.

The Defiant Movement is an online magazine, community, and organization created by young people, for young people. All of the magazine’s contributors and staff are young people aged 13-21; with over 18,000 followers on Instagram (@thedefiantmovement) and thousands of monthly website readers. Defiant has received thousands of dollars in funding from the Government of Canada through their Rising Youth Grant Program to develop COVID-19 support packages for youth in the GTA. 

Next GenerAsian exists to empower and inspire action within the next generation of Asians through media, storytelling, spotlights, and more. Led by a team of youths, we aim to create a space for those like us to engage in conversations and share their stories while building a community where we uplift each other and celebrate all things Asian. With a social media following of over 20k, our goal is to build a future where we finally push our narrative in a world that too often ignores us, all while embracing who we are.


Elizabeth Teo

I am a Chinese American and Canadian environmental activist focused on creating awareness on environmental justice issues and tying them to fast fashion ad our waste and climate change crisis. I have a Bachelors of Science from the University of Toronto and have worked for many environmental nonprofits to help improve their reach on social media so they can share their important message to the world!

Kim Guerra

Kim Guerra is a queer women of color. A butterfly woman who has given herself wings. She is a writer, advocate, and entrepreneur. She is the creator of Brown Badass Bonita, a brand and movement that she considers to be a work of self-love and her love for her community. She wants each person to wear Brown Badass Bonita products as a statement and shield– a living revolution. Guerra is the author of “Mariposa” and “Mija”: collections of bilingual poems, affirmations, and revolutionary love letters. Brown Badass Bonita is for all humans who are giving themselves and their community wings through revolutionary love.

Leah Kreitz

Born in Los Angeles, Leah Kreitz was first seen on screen while her mother was pregnant on the family’s annual holiday special as “The Gomez Family Singers.” After living in sunny California, Leah’s family moved to even sunnier Las Vegas. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Stage & Screen Acting and has since moved to Brooklyn, where she currently resides with her husband Gabe Quiroga and their cat Cecilia. In addition to acting, Leah and her twin sister Dana Kreitz are developing projects under their production company, Hapa Media, and she is also a Resident Artist with New Light Theater Project. When not working, Leah can usually be found with her nose in a book, bent backwards in a yoga class, flying trapeze at TSNY, or hitting the slopes either upstate or back on the west coast.

Brittany Jeltema

My name is Brittany Jeltema, also known as The SuperHERO Teacher, and I’m a curriculum designer, reading and writing enthusiast, and classroom flipper. The world of education was always my calling. Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Through my incredible journey of teaching for five years, I discovered my true love– designing resources for teachers and flipping their classrooms. The resources I create are designed with the student in mind. They are hands-on, creative, engaging, and most importantly, innovative. I pride myself in creating resources that will inspire and motivate students to fall in love with all things ELA related. Whether they’re completing a novel workbook or filling out a prompt in their exit ticket journal, they’ll be engaged and focused on the task at hand because they are fun, exciting, and unique.


Wisteria Magazine aims to provide a platform for every perspective to be shared regarding social justice issues. On our social media, we create content such as infographics to share credible and factual information to our followers. We do the same in our physical magazines, but add a personal story to every single issue we report on.

Detester Magazine, founded in 2019, is a youth-led nonprofit platform with a team of 60+ students from 8+ countries dedicated to amplifying the voices of BIPOC Youth and socio-political issues through education, activism, and empowerment. We use creative mediums to advocate issues that affect BIPOC communities, whether it concerns racism, politics, society, culture, mental health, environment, and more. (We have over 100 published creative pieces and 12+ completed projects.) We aim to push past the endless single stories to deliver a picture that expresses distilled human emotions and diverse perspectives. *The name Detester Magazine reflects our goal to combat the hate and bigotry that stem from ignorance.

Asian Youth Act, a non-partisan youth organization, was constructed to be an open-minded space where members choose to seek empathy, understanding, and take charge by creating change on issues pertaining to the Asian community. The team continues to rapidly grow, connect, and construct innovative solutions while prioritizing a learning mindset and encouraging discourse. AYA empowers Asian students and allies from all over the world to not only be proactive and informed world citizens, but to inspire change in all-generations of the Asian community through providing conversation-starting resources and projects. In this team, they recognize the importance of having allies within the team to hear critical stories, new perspectives, and personal growth. AYA continuously welcomes all respectful individuals; regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political views, & etc. We are the future. Be the change.

The Purple Hearts Project is an international female movement whose main objective is to raise awareness of femicides and violence against women all around the world. As women’s rights advocates, we try our best to raise the voices of those who suffered horribly injustices, especially in countries where femicides are usually ignored, which simply allow the atrocities to continue. To spread awareness about these important issues, we create informative and meaningful posts about recent femicides or women in need of assistance, participate in various newsletters with our content, partner with other organizations, release Podcast episodes, start clubs and chapters all around the world with the help of our ambassadors but most importantly, we reach out to survivors and make their voices heard to more than 4000 people via our social media platforms. To further expand our cause, we are constantly fundraising as a means to buy supplies for women’s shelters.

Rice & Spice is a zine by Asian American youth. It is a platform that challenges the prejudice that Asian Americans face in society, and projects their voices through creativity. Rice & Spice is currently both a web and print zine, and recently released their first issue, The Color Issue. They are excited to keep creating representation for Asians in culture and media, and to keep growing better than ever!

Youth Counselling is a diversified Gen-Z led media publication that aims to empower and advocate for social issues & self positivity. Since founding, Youth Counselling has reached thousands of youth around the world, and this is just beginning of our story. In the next few years, we aim to put out unique and relatable content for the Gen-Z and hopefully start successful campaigns to change the world of social media journalism. 

At Simply GenZ, we believe that generation z is the very essence of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today. Simply GenZ is a platform for GenZ by GenZ to be innovative, influential and to create a tangible difference in the society.

Gen Z: We Are The Future is a youth led organization empowering Generation Z to advocate for systemic change, global understanding, and unity! The mission of our organization is to unite, inspire, and educate Gen Z and empower Gen Zers from every corner of the globe to pursue their passions and push society forwards. 

As such, we are now the Queer Asian Social Club focusing on sharing and celebrating stories of individuals and activists in our community through our weekly web-zine DIS-ORIENT,  our instagram page, and our podcast the Queer Asian Podcast Club! While our name is changing, the core of who we remains the same. We are a collective that is focused on using visibility to empower community for queer and trans-APISWAD folks.

We are a group of passionate teens focusing on bringing awareness to the injustices Asians/BIPOC face while educating our audience on the culture we continue to keep alive. Our goal is to inform others of the constant cultural appropriation and racism that occurs in our society. By providing a platform for all cultures around the globe and highlighting Asian/BIPOC cultures, we wish to spread positivity.

WHAF works to fight period poverty and healthcare inequality through in-kind donations and social advocacy. As a 501c3 NPO, we have raised over $4,000+ to purchase period products and have donated 2700+ sanitary products to local shelters fighting domestic abuse, human trafficking, and homelessness. As our organization is constantly growing, we have interns in 7 states across the US and have partnered with organizations in India and Kenya to provide reusable pads to young girls in low-income areas.

LIBerate Leaders in Business’ objective is to combat information asymmetry by shedding light and ‘liberating’ the unique experiences of careers, pathways and people lacking coverage. We interview, record and post content for teens, aspiring professionals and motivated individuals to consume. LIBerate is run by groups of capable student leaders and activists to ensure that every voice is heard. We hope to spread postivitea (coffee works too)!

At Project Elicit, we hope to achieve change in many different aspects: a change in society, a change in the environment, and a change in our perception of “taboo” social topics that desperately need to be talked about. By spreading awareness about global issues, we hope to educate people on how to join us and make their voices heard.

our goal is to provide a place where young, educated individuals can come and be inspired by content that they’ll enjoy. we strive to produce quality articles, literature, art, music, fashion, photography, and talent. we see it as our duty to provide a place for all young people under represented in mainstream entertainment to share their unique experiences and views with our fourall readers. fourall is 100% virtual and 100% free, because we want anyone and everyone to be able to enjoy our content and engage with our community.

ListenSpeakAct is a youth organization informing others on the social injustices occurring in our world through education, awareness, and activism! Through our informative blog posts and social media platforms, we encourage others to advocate for their beliefs and empower youth to develop their voice in activism.

We aim to close the gender gap in the current leadership landscape by instilling young women with a sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit. We provide resources, events, and a growing community to prepare women in high school to be the leaders of the global workforce of tomorrow. 


Generation Ratify is the youth-led movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and advance gender equality in the United States of America. Our mission is to build a coalition of young people across the country leading an intersectional feminist revolution that empowers and advocates for the full equality of young women, non-conforming, non-binary, femme, and Queer folx.

We are a multilingual student publication for high schoolers living in the outer neighborhoods of cities nationwide. We started our magazine in New York City to attempt to bridge the inequity that exists in student literary representation in publications (which often reflect white, cis, upper class students in Manhattan). Since our launch last spring, we have published three issues in NYC and issues in Boston and Westchester with a wide diversity of language, geography, and student experience. We were added to the New York Times’ Learning Network list of places for teenagers to submit writing and art. is a youth-led social activism page aspiring to generate awareness amongst fellow youths. We are a group of Malaysian youths with a purpose of spreading information regarding current social issues in order to further educate, inspire and generate awareness within the youths in our community.

The goal of the Asian Articles is to empower the pan-Asian youth of today. Through writing and the arts, the Asian Articles seeks to advocate for and empower Asians and youth. We hope to amplify unheard voices and create change, no matter the size of the impact.


Small Business Sponsors

Diosa León is a Latinx fashion brand rooted in authentic inclusion & community. We are on a mission to elevate QTBIPoC (queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities, while democratizing the accessibility of sustainable & ethical fashion. The most important thing for us is to give underrepresented communities a platform of complete freedom, self-expression, and empowerment.

Hello, my name is Jess. I’m a Filipino-Thai American artist/ceramicist. I love creating with all types of mediums, and currently am obsessed with ceramics.